Commitment to Sustainability

We understand the importance of sustainability—it is one of our core values.

As we seek to make a positive impact on the areas in which we operate and create long-term values for all of our stakeholders, we want to highlight our focus on ESG (environment, social, and governance) factors. 


Weatherford is determined to meet the challenge of sustainability.

We are committed to leading by example and planning for a sustainable future.

In the sustainability KPI chart included in this section and on our website, you can read about our sustainability performance, reduction targets, and what we are doing to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities.


Our success depends on the quality of our people.

We understand that diversity, innovation, and quality go hand in hand.

Through our D&I program, we seek to attract and retain a best-in-class workforce. Providing employees an environment in which they feel comfortable and can thrive is a top priority for our organization.


We look for ways to do things smarter, safer, better – the right way, the first time, and always.

We operate ethically and transparently across all facets of our work and in unison with our suppliers and customers.

We comply with the law and Weatherford’s high standards, as identified in our Code of Business Conduct, policies, and procedures.

We believe in the importance of Organizational Justice and promote a culture where people are confident to come forward and share concerns.

We require integrity throughout the supply chain and hold our contractors, third parties, and business partners to the same high standards.

In 2019, we welcomed a new Board of Directors. Our Board’s composition is carefully considered to ensure diversity in the broadest sense of culture, background, outlook, experience, and tenure to bring together multiple, complementary perspectives. 

Our Directors bring a powerful range of skills and experience in relevant areas, including finance, exploration and production, environment, public policy, international business and leadership, as well as oilfield services.

Summary of 2019 goals

Completed In Progress

Sustainable Performance

Energy Use & Emissions

Reduce our energy footprint

2019 Goals

6% Reduction in Total Electricity Use*.

2019 Performance

43 MWh Electricity Used / Million USD. 

2% reduction*.

Water Use & Quality

Minimize water use across the organization

2019 Goals

5% Reduction in Total Water Use*.

2019 Performance

0.15 Million Liters Used / Million USD. 

14% increase, however, the target is over the 3 year period 2018-2020*.

Spills & Uncontrolled Releases

Reduce our uncontrolled releases

2019 Goals

5-15% Reduction depending on 2018 spill incident rate.

2019 Performance

13% reduction in Total Number of Spills (21 spills >1BBL)

4% reduction in spill incidents*.

13% increase in Spills of Hydrocarbon (17 spills >1BBL) 

25% increase in spills of hydrocarbon bearing liquids*.

Waste Management

Reduce hazardous waste produced and minimize non-hazardous waste produced

2019 Goals

3% Reduction in Hazardous Waste Produced*.

3% Reduction in Non-Hazardous Waste Produced*.

2019 Performance

13 Million Tons Hazardous Waste / Million USD 

38% reduction*.

33 Million Tons Non-Hazardous Waste / Million USD. 

57% increase +.

+ Increase assessed to be linked to high number of facility closures

Health & Safety

Continuously improve our health and safety statistics, with the ultimate goal of no injured employees

2019 Goals




2019 Performance


15% decrease


17% decrease


3% decrease


Improve our processes to reduce the number of nonproductive time (NPT) incidents

2019 Goals

0.41 NPT % Target Globally

2019 Performance

23.26% increase

*Normalized to Revenue

Responsible Operations


Focus on continuously building a culture of ethics and integrity

2019 Goals

Continue to innovate organizational messaging regarding ethics and integrity to ensure communications are consistently delivered and relevant and engaging in substance.

2019 Performance

Weatherford’s Q1 2019 Weatherford Live event included an Ethics and Compliance session integrating the story of convicted Foreign Corrupt Practices Act conspirator Richard Bistrong into risks and lessons learned for our organization. The presentation was a combination of live delivery by Compliance leadership and a video interview by Compliance of Mr. Bistrong. Throughout the year, in addition to standard Ethics & Compliance messaging and communications, Weatherford instituted a quarterly Compliance message highlighting a relevant and timely topic of Ethics and Compliance value, and delivered the messages to all employees in coordination with Operational leadership.

Supply Chain Management

Increase oversight and monitoring of supplier population

2019 Goals

Pursuant to our ongoing and regular assessment of modern slavery risks to our organization, identify our highest risk supplier pool and begin to develop an approach for additional controls concerning modern slavery.

2019 Performance

We identified the use of outsourced labor as posing the highest risk to the company as it relates to modern slavery. Within our population of active contingent labor suppliers, we considered geographic and other risk factors, and identified among them those we deemed the highest risk. We plan to finalize and launch an audit process for this group of suppliers in 2020.

Human Rights / Labor

Document and develop our approach to ensuring our Company universally respects all aspects of human rights

2019 Goals

The company’s goals were two-fold. 

First, to launch the Human Trafficking course developed in 2018. 

Second, to increase Human Resource’s quality of execution in respect to managing labor relations, trade union engagement, and investigating employee concerns and grievances regarding their work experience at Weatherford.

2019 Performance

First, Weatherford launched the online Human Trafficking course to a risk-based population of employees to raise awareness regarding human trafficking risk awareness. 

Second, Weatherford kicked off 2019 with a new Global Employee Relations organization, tasked with focusing on labor relations, trade union engagement, investigating workplace grievances, and anticipating and instituting actions to decrease the volume of issues that could manifest into grievances. The Global Director of Employee Relations and the Director’s team work closely with our Human Resources and investigative professionals throughout our operations as appropriate. In addition, the Employee Relations Center of Excellence is directly involved with trade union and workers’ council negotiations in the 20 Countries globally where Weatherford employees are members of unions or councils.


Enhance Weatherford’s preparedness to identify and manage the consequences of risk events that may befall the company

2019 Goals

Create a single organizational resilience governance structure to ensure Weatherford is prepared for, can respond to, and can recover from major events that may impact our employees and operations anywhere in the world.

2019 Performance

To expand on the progress made in 2018 with the launch of a Disruptive Event Management Standard, in 2019, the company launched an enterprise-wide Crisis Management and Business Continuity (CMBC) program. The CMBC team began working with key sites to develop business continuity strategies, aligned existing standards and developed new ones to support the CMBC program, and created a framework for the Global Crisis Management Team, including plans for training and tabletop exercises.

World-Class People

Workforce Retention

Foster a culture of inclusion that celebrates our diverse workforce and enables employees to bring their true self to work

2019 Goals

Expand networks, as desired globally. Foster inclusive culture through enhanced employee engagement.

2019 Performance

The company established women’s network chapters within several Geozones, including those within the Eastern Hemisphere.

Weatherford increased community service engagement by Network members. 

Weatherford mobilized a global culture champion network to foster inclusive behaviors and delivered Ally training and a handbook regarding how to best to support underrepresented LGBTQ employees.

2019 Goals

Increase number of female personnel in the company with a specific emphasis on increasing female representation in Operations. 

Drive unconscious bias awareness across the organization globally. 

Enhance retention and development programs.

2019 Performance

With respect to increasing female personnel in the organization, the company:

  • Established a metric to increase female headcount in Operations; 
  • Identified tools to incorporate Blind CV screening into Weatherford candidate selection process (e.g., excluding name, gender, nationality, etc. from reference documents for hiring managers); 
  • Encouraged all recruitment agencies/RPO partner to increase submission of more female CVs; 
  • Put forth a referral program for female hires in Operations, which is under consideration by management; 
  • Focused on increasing the % of female candidates and hires for NextGen program; 
  • Placed special focus on identification and retention of high potential/performance females with biggest business impact (Talent, Succession);
  • Identified facilities/conditions at field operations which are not suitable to female employees and made adjustments where needed;

In terms of driving unconscious bias awareness, the company:

  • Delivered Unconscious Bias training to the global leadership team, including Operations, as part of a global talent review process;
  • Is designing diversity and inclusion modules for inclusion in leadership programs

Regarding enhancing retention and development programs, Weatherford:

  • Is building a University Relations program to increase the company’s presence in University Forums and job fairs in key Geozones; 
  • Implemented a Front Line Leader Program for front line supervisors; 
  • Implemented a Leadership Development Program for high potentials; 
  • Is designing Remote Work and Alternative Work Week programs for executive consideration, allowing greater flexibility for the workforce;
  • Established dedicated Talent Managers to support each Geozone in their talent development, NextGen, and diversity efforts

Global Citizenship


Promote a culture of giving that is aligned with Company values, makes a direct impact to the communities in which we operate, and is measureable

2019 Goals

Expand Weatherford Walks giving program to include fourth charity and broaden impact in Houston community.

2019 Performance

Spindletop Charities, Inc. was added to the Weatherford Walks program. This organization provides aid to programs targeting child abuse prevention, pediatric medical research, drug and alcohol abuse prevention and rehabilitation, education and scholarships, school safety, therapeutic services, after-school programs, and family health. In 2019, Weatherford Walks donated more than $370,000 to be split equally amongst four Houston charities.

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